Guidebook updates

Draft updated EMEP/EEA Guidebook 2019


Thank-you for your interest in the proposed updates to the EMEP/EEA Emissions Inventory Guidebook. The EEA has commissioned updates to the chapters given below, and we invite your comments/feedback on these draft chapters until 07/05/2019. We will then amend the drafts accordingly, and will have them ready for an adoption decision at the 2019 TFEIP meeting.


Please use this Excel template for logging your feedback, and return the completed form to with “Guidebook Feedback” in the e-mail title.

EMEP/EEA Guidebook Review Comment Log 

For information, there will be updates made to other chapters, and we expect these to be available next year, ahead of the 2019 TFEIP meeting.


Part A: General Guidance Chapters

These chapters are provided as track-changed documents so that you can see revisions.

2. Key Category Analysis and Methodological Choice - please note that we are proposing a change to the KCA trend methodology/calculations to maintain alignment with the IPCC

3. Data Collection

4. Time Series Consistency 

5. Uncertainties

6. Inventory Management, Improvement and QA/QC – this chapter will be updated after IPCC have finished their “2019 Refinement”. But we invite comments ahead of this (see details in the file)

7. Spatial Mapping of Emissions

8. Projections - Additional projections guidance compiled under the EC SR1 project

          Recordings (and slides) for the webinar:

          Energy (Stationary) and IPPU:

          Energy (Mobile):


Sector Specific Projections Guidance


1. Energy

1.A.1 Energy Industries 

1.A.3.b.v Gasoline Evaporation

1.A.4 Small Combustion 

1.B.2.c Venting and Flaring

1.B.3.b Road Transport: An emission factor annex can be found here 


2. Industrial Processes and Product Use

2.A.5.a Quarrying and Mining of minerals other than coal: Calculation Model can be found here

2.D.3.i and 2.G Other solvent and product use 


3. Agriculture Chapters (and related Waste Chapter)

3.B Manure Management Chapter – proposed EF updates

3.B Explanation of revisions to manure store EFs: Manure Stores 


3.D Agricultural Soils Chapter – updates to EFs

3.D Explanation of revisions to solid manure application EFs: Solid Manure Application 

3.D Explanation of revisions to grazing EFs: Grazing 

3.D A summary of the changes made is given in this file: 3D Changes

3.D A comparison of “old” and “new” fertiliser EFs is given here: Fertiliser EF comparison

Explanation of how new fertiliser EFs have been derived 

3.D.f and 3.I Use of pesticides and limestone

Agriculture emissions calculator DRAFT – this spreadsheet tool allows easy calculation of emissions from the agriculture sector. Note that it is a DRAFT because the emission factors may be revised at the upcoming 2019 TFEIP meeting.


5.B.2 Anaerobic Digestion at Biogas Facilities – updates to ensure consistency between agriculture and waste


Annex VII – Adjustments summary template


The 2016 Guidebook chapters can be found here:

All chapters will be ready for approval at the 2019 TFEIP meeting (13-15th May).