2011 Stage 3 review reports published

The emission inventories of 10 countries were reviewed in detail earlier in 2011 by two expert review teams as part of the annual joint EMEP/EEA inventory review process. The final reports for the countries reviewed have recently been published by CEIP and are available here. The countries reviewed were Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, FYR of Macedonia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

We would especially like to thank the experts who participated in the 2011 review:


Kevin Hausmann (DE) and Kristina Saarinen (FI) (lead reviewers); Anne Wagner (EU), Emilia Hanley (IE), Giorgios Melios (EU), Intars Cakaras (LV), Ioannis Sempos (GR), Jim Webb (UK), Julien Vincent (FR), Kees Peek (NL), Nina Holmengen (NO), Michael Kotzulla (DE), Nadine Allemand (FR), Romain Joya (FR), Sebastian Plickert (DE), Sophie Hoehn (CH), Valentina Idrissova (KZ) John van Aardenne (EU); and trainees Andrijana Veljanoska (MK), Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska (MK) and Nebojsa Redzic (RS).


If national experts are interested in joining in future reviews, please contact CEIP concerning the nomination process.


Evening boat trip during the 2011 Expert Review in Copenhagen