2019 May, Thessaloniki

20th Joint EIONET & UNECE Task Force on Emission Inventories & Projections Meeting - Thessaloniki 

The EIONET and TFEIP Mettings will be held on the 13th-15th May 2019, followed by the annual ERMES Transport and Air Pollution (TAP) Conference at the same venue.


Venue: Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Maurice Saltiel Hall, 25is Martiou Str., 54646 Thessaloniki, Greece

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Draft Agenda (Subject to change) A more detailed agenda shall be circulated shortly.


Monday 13th May 09:00-12:30 Introduction and International News 

  • Overview of international news and guidebook updates, status of reporting, updating the CLRTAP reporting template

Monday 13th May 13:30-17:30 Expert Panel Sessions (to run in parallel)

  • Combustion and Industry, Agriculture and Nature, Transport


Tuesday 14th May 09:00-10:20 Projections Plenary

Tuesday 14th May 10:20-12:20 Feedback and Discussions 

  • Feedback on expert panels, 'TFEIP The Next 10 Years', formal decisions

Tuesday 14th May 13:30-17:30 New Science and EIONET 

  • EIONET presentation; presentations on New Science including 'Emissions database for Global Atmospheric Research', 'Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service'  

Tuesday 14th May 13:30-17:30 ERMES (Transport) Plenary 

  • Working Group Models, PEMs measurements, Remote Sensing etc. 
  • Please note this session is closed and requires separate registration here


Wednesday 15th May 08:45-12:30 Joint ERMES and TFEIP Workshop 'Insights on the present and the future of transport emissions research' 

  • Please note this session requires separate registration here

Wednesday 15th May 13:30-17:30 Opening of Transport and Air Pollution Conference