2016 Meeting, Zagreb

The 2017 TFEIP/EIONET meeting and workshop was held at the Panorama Hotel, Zagreb, on 16-18th May 2016. The meeting was kindly being hosted by the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature.

Monday 16th May was a workshop on condensables and semi-volatiles.

Tuesday 17th - Wednesday 18th May was the main TFEIP/EIONET meeting.


Monday 16th May - Workshop on condensables and semi-volatiles

Session 1: Introduction, context & perspectives of the modellers


Use of PM emission estimates in modelling

Session 2: Thoughts from the Emissions Inventory Community

Filterable and condensable PM in EMEP Guidebook update

PM & Condensables, residential wood combustion

Nordic SLCP project

Tuesday 17th May - TFEIP Meeting Day 1

Session 1: Reporting Review & International Developments

TFEIP activities

CLRTAP and EMEP activities

Modeling shipping emissions

Updating the EMEP Guidebook introduction

Updating the EMEP Guidebook

CLRTAP reporting

European Commission comprehensive review

Session 2: Projections Expert Panel

Bridging inventory and projection road transport emissions

How to start compiling emission projections

Session 3: Meeting of TFEIP Expert Panels

See pages of the Expert Panels


Wednesday 18th May - TFEIP Meeting Day 2

Session 4a: New Science

AERIUS system

Best practice for gridding emissions

Session 5: Updating the review process

Proposed changes to the review process

NECD and emission inventory reviews

Session 6: EIONET

Eionet and EEA activities

Residential combustion emissions and air quality

Gap-filling of EU CLRTAP emission inventory

Session 7: Facilitated Discussion

Session 8: Minutes and Formal Decisions

Meeting conclusions

TFEIP workplan 2016-17

TFEIP improvements programme 2016-17

Methods and Procedures update



The following papers are available for the 2016 TFEIP meeting:

Revised mandate of the TFEIP

Condensables background paper

Updated EMEP/EEA Guidebook chapters for endorsement



Administrative documents

The following administrative documents are available for the 2016 TFEIP meeting:

Invitation 2016

Directions to meeting

Hotel reservation form

Directions to restaurant Tuesday dinner

Agenda 2016

Agenda of the Expert Panels 2016