2013 TFEIP Meeting, Istanbul


Please see below for all currently available presentations from the TFEIP 2013 Meeting and Workshop. The remaining presentations will be made available as soon as possible. All meeting documents can be found below.


The 2013 annual TFEIP/EIONET meeting was held on 14th and 15th May in Istanbul, Turkey and was kindly hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The main meeting was preceeded by a workshop on emission inventory compilers and users on 13th May.


Thank you to all who attended the meeting!


Meeting Presentations

Please see below for the presentations given during the 26th TFEIP Meeting held in Istanbul, May 2013.

Monday 13th May - Workshop on Emission Inventory Compilers and Users

The TFEIP invited modellers and other users of emission inventories to give their thoughts on what emissions information they use, what they would like, and how improvements might be made to the current datasets.

Session 1: Users of Emission Inventories

Session 2: Strengths and Weaknesses of Emission Inventories

  • Conclusions from the discussion groups and collation of actions for TFEIP workplan


Tuesday, 14th May - Day 1 of the TFEIP/EIONET Main Meeting

Session 1: Reporting Review and UN/ECE Developments

Session 2: Updating the Reporting Guidelines

Session 3: Meeting of TFEIP Expert Panels

Please visit the individual Expert Panel sections for further details regarding these meetings.


Wednesday, 15th May - Day 2 of the TFEIP/EIONET Main Meeting

Session 4: Adjustments, The Reporting Template and the NEC Directive

Session 6: Review of Expert Panel Proceedings and the TFEIP 2013 Workshop

Session 7: Formal Decisions and Wrap-Up



Meeting Documents

Reporting Guidelines

  1. The current Reporting Guidelines (pdf)
  2. Proposed revised Reporting guidelines - track changes with comments
  3. Proposed revised Reporting guidelines - clean with comments
  4. Annex I: Emissions reporting template
  5. Annex II: Projections reporting template
  6. Annex III: Informative Inventory Report (IIR) template
  7. Annex IV: Reporting notification template
  8. Annex V: Gridded emissions reporting template
  9. Annex VI: Large Point Source emissions reporting template
  10. Annex VII: Table of years of ratification by Party and by protocol

EMEP/EEA Guidebook Chapters for Technical Endorsement by TFEIP

Note chapters will be language-edited prior to publication, and restructured/re-numbered as far as possible to reflect the proposed changes in the NFR structure.

Chapters that have been reviewed

These chapters have been reviewed by the TFEIP in Autumn 2012 and since updated by the Guidebook consultants.



Chapters that have not yet been reviewed

These chapters have not yet been reviewed by the TFEIP. Comments should be presented at the meeting.


Administrative Documents

The following administrative documents are available for the 2013 TFEIP meeting:

  1. Final Agenda
  1. Agenda for Expert Panels
  1. Practical Information