2012 TFEIP Meeting, Bern


The 2012 annual TFEIP/EIONET meeting was held 14-15 May in Bern, Switzerland, and was kindly hosted by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. The main meeting was followed by an expert workshop on POPs inventories and reporting on the 16th May.


Thank you to all who attended the meeting as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary of the TFEIP!

Discussion Papers

The following discussion papers are now available for viewing.


Please provide any comments to the discussion papers no later than June 3, 2012.


When new/updated discussion papers become available, this will be announced with an independent deadline for commenting.

Black Carbon Methodologies

The following papers outline the proposed methodologies to be added to the EMEP/EEA Guidebook for estimating black carbon emissions.



Combustion and Industry


Agriculture and Nature

Review of Guidebook Consistency

The following papers review specific chapters of the 2009 EMEP/EEA air pollutant emissions inventory guidebook, considering their current consistency.

Combustion and Industries



Agricultre and Nature

Review of Particulate Matter Methodologies

The following papers review the current methodologies presented in the 2009 EMEP/EEA Guidebook.


Guidebook Updates

The following reports comprise of updates and suggestions for improvements to the EMEP/EEA Guidebook.




Meeting Presentations

Please see below for the presentations made during the 20th TFEIP Meeting held in Bern, 2012.

Monday 14th May

Session 1: Reporting Reveiw and UN/ECE Developments

  • NFR and SNAP Code updates

Session 2: The EMEP/EEA Emissions Inventory Guidebook

Session 3: Meeting of TFEIP Expert Panels

(please see Session 6 for summary presentations of the Expert Panel meetings)

Session 4: Twenty years of the TFEIP

  • Session Introduction
  • TFEIP - the ever-changning demands
  • CORINAR 1998
  • The work and the people of the TFEIP

Tuesday, 15th May

Session 5: Verification of emissions

Session 6: Review of the Expert Panel proceedings

Please visit the individual Expert Panel sections for further details regarding these meetings.

Session 7: Decisions and wrap up

Wednesday, 16th May - POPs Emissions Workshop

Session 1: An overview of POPs emissions and reporting

  • Introduction and drivers

Session 2: Consultations to improve national emission inventories


Sessoin 3: Methodologies for estimating POPs emissions

  • Review of the morning sessions

EMEP Grid Summary Paper

During the thirty-fifth session of the EMEP Steering Body the EMEP Centres were asked to prepare a document summarizing their viewpoints concerning modifications of the official EMEP grid (and in particular grid resolution,) grid projection and grid domain).


A new emissions gridding system has to be developed for emissions with the TFEIP... Read more

Administrative Documents

The following administrative documents are available for the 2012 TFEIP meeting:


Please find the agendas for the Expert Panels in the individual Panel sections.