2011 TFEIP Meeting, Sweden

The annual TFEIP/EIONET meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden on 2-3 May 2011, followed by a workshop on the Mapping/Gridding of Emissions on 4th May.  Presentations are now available.


View the Draft Conclusions (formal), Draft conclusions (informal) and the Draft workplan.  


Information from the Expert Panel meetings in Stockholm can also be found on the relevant web pages.

Presentations & Reports

Meeting Papers


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Session 1: Reporting Review & UN/ECE Developments


a. Status of Reporting and Review Findings

b. A Review of IIRs Submitted in 2011

c. Activities of the EMEP Executive and Steering Bodies

d. The Guidebook Translation Project

e. Air Pollutant Emission Factor Library and NFR Codes

f.  An information repository for information on BC


Session 2: Recent Research Projects & Emission Inventory Developments

a. Emissions from Wood Combustion

b. A Tier 3 Methodology for Domestic Wood Combustion

c. TFHTAP - Current Plans and Work Programme

d. Latest Emission Estimates from EDGAR


Session 3: Meeting of the TFEIP Expert Panels

See the Expert Panel web pages for relevant presentations


Session 4: Estimates of BC, OC, EC and PM10

a. Current Emissions and Baseline Projections of BC in the UNECE area

b. A European-wide inventory of EC and OC

c. Danish Emissions Inventory for Black Carbon

d. Finnish BC Emissions Inventory & Comparison with Other Inventories


Session 5: Flexibility Mechanisms

a. Flexibility Mechanisms under Gothenburg

b. Examples of Flexibility Mechanisms

c. Original TFEIP Flexibility Mechanisms Paper


EIONET Session

e1. The EEA's Recent and On-going Activities

e2. Uncertainty in Road Transport Emissions

e3. Cooperation with Eurocontrol - An Aviation Inventory Data Portal

e4. Investigating the Links between GMES & Emission Inventories


Session 6: Overview of Expert Panel Meetings

a. Combustion and Industry

b. Transport

c. Agriculture and Nature

d. Projections

More details available from the Expert Panel web pages.


Session 7: Decisions and Wrap Up

a. Draft TFEIP Workplan, 2011-2012

b. Draft Conclusions (formal reporting to EMEP)

c. Draft Meeting Summary (less formal language)


Workshop on Gridding Emissions

Session 1: Reporting Requirements and Basic Mapping Principles

a. An Overview of the Proposed New Reporting Requirements

b. Basic Approach to Mapping Different Sources, and the Sources of Spatial Datasets


Session 2: Mapping Methodologies and Available Data

a. EDGAR Methodologies

b. Mapping with Limited Spatial Data


Session 3: Practical Discussion Session with National Data

No presentations


Session 4: Sophisticated Mapping Methodologies

a. Spatial Resolution of the Diffuse Air Emissions in the E-PRTR

b. The UK Emission Maps

c. Spatial distribution of emissions in Denmark

d. Methodologies using Bottom-up Data for Shipping & Road Traffic