2010 TFEIP Meeting, Cyprus

The 2010 joint TFEIP/EIONET meeting was held in Larnaca, Cyprus from 10 to 11 May 2010.  Documents discussed at the meeting and links to the presentations can be found below. 

Meeting Documents

Draft Meeting Conclusions

Please find a link to the Draft Meeting Conclusions (pdf).

Please also find links below to a number of other documents that were discussed at the meeting:

Other Documents





Presentations & Reports

Welcome and Introduction

a.  Welcome and Introduction (ppt)
b.  Opening Comments from the EMEP Chair  - Sonja Vidic (ppt)
c.  Meeting Objectives and adoption of the Agenda - Meeting Chairs (doc)


Session 1: Information Update & Reporting Review

a.  Feedback from the UNECE Executive Body meeting (Dec 2009), status of review of the LRTAP Convention protocols, and the work of the Ad Hoc Expert Group on Black Carbon - Meeting Chairs (ppt)

b.  Summary of Stage 1 and 2 review results, Stage 3 review plans and analysis of inventory completeness with respect to national ceilings - Katarina Mareckova (CEIP), Sabine Göttlicher (ETC/ACC) (ppt)
c   Overview of Gap Filling Procedures - Sabine Göttlicher (ETC/ACC) (ppt)


Session 2: Recent Research Projects & Emission Inventory Developments

a.  35 years of Emissions Trends in Europe - Ulrike Doering (JRC) (pdf)
b.  COPERT4 Road Transport Model Uncertainty Analysis - Leonidas Ntziachristos (AUTH/LAT) (ppt)
c.  The New Emissions Inventory System in Luxembourg - Sebastian Siegmundt & Marc Schuman (LU) (ppt)
d.  The Cyprus Emissions Inventory - Chrysanthos Savvides (CY) (ppt)


Session 3: EMEP/EEA Guidebook

a.  A comparison between the Guidebook's simple tier methods and the national inventory of the Netherlands - Rianne Dröge (TNO) (ppt)
b.  General news - publication, translation, updating procedures - Chris Dore (ppt)
c.  An Emission Factor Library - Kristina Saarinen (ppt)

Session 4: Meeting of the TFEIP Expert Panels

Session 5: Informative Inventory Reports - IIRs

a.  An Overview of Sweden's IIR - Hakam Al-Hanbali (SE) (ppt)
b.  Germany's Web Based IIR - Kevin Hausmann (DE) (ppt)
c.  An Inventory Reviewer's Perspective of IIRs - Justin Goodwin (S-ESC) (ppt)


Session 6: EEA EIONET Activities

a.  An update on EEA and EIONET activities - Martin Adams, EEA (ppt)
b.  E-PRTR launch 2009 and on-going activities - Dania Cristofaro (EC) (ppt)
c.  E-PRTR - spatial mapping of diffuse emission sources project - Jochen Theloke, University of  Stuttgart (ppt)
d.  Comparison of national inventory and E-PRTR emission data - Katarina Mareckova (ETC-ACC) (ppt)
e.  Feedback to countries concerning new gap-filling procedures in the 2010 EU LRTAP Convention Inventory - Sabine Göttlicher (ETC/ACC) (ppt)

Session 7: Plenary Session

a.  Developing Emission Inventories in EECCA Countries - Olga Yusim (Rus), Valentina Idrissova (Kz) (ppt)
b.  A regional support system for Eastern European Countries - Andrey Nedre (Rus) (ppt)
c.  Feedback from the expert panels

     -  Agriculture & Nature Panel (ppt)
     -  Combustion & Industry Expert Panel (ppt)
     -  TFEIP Projections Expert Panel (ppt) 
     -  Transport Panel (doc)

d.  TFEIP workplan 2010 discussion - Chris Dore (ppt)

Session 8: Other Business

a.  Meeting Conclusions (pdf)


Joint TFEIP/TFMM Workshop


- Introduction - Chris Dore (TFEIP), Laurence Rouil (TFMM) (ppt)


Session 1: Wood Burning and Other Uncertain PM Sourcess

a.  Latest EFs from wood burning - Jean-Pierre Chang (ppt)

b.  Activity uncertainties and reporting in inventories - Carlo Trozzi (ppt)


Session 2: Uncertainties in Emission Estimates and Measurements

a.  Using field campaign results to reduce uncertainties in inventories - Wenche Aas (NILU) (ppt)

b.  Uncertainties in measurement and modelling - an overview - Laurence Rouil (ppt)

c.  A new way of looking at emission uncertainties - Carol Trozzi (ppt)


Session 3: The On-Going Metals Story

a.  Modelled results vs emission estimates - Sergey Dutchak (ppt)

b.  Uncertainties in heavy metal emission inventories: Dimensions & levels - Sergey Kakareka (Belarus) (ppt)

c.  Latest thinking from the emission inventory community - Jochen Theloke (ppt)


Session 4: Short-term Fluctuations in Emissions

a.  Seasonal fluctuations of agricultural NH3 emissions - Ole-Kenneth Nielsen (NERI) (ppt)


Session 5: Emission Maps from different sources

a.  Emission maps generated under GMES (zip) (please note large file size - 26.4 MB)