2009 TFEIP/EIONET Meeting - Vienna

The TFEIP/EIONET Meeting was held in Vienna on 11-12 May 2009. This page contains links to documents discussed at the meeting and links to MS Powerpoint presentations.

Meeting Papers

Draft Meeting Conclusions

Please find a link to the Draft Meeting Conclusions (pdf). 


Also, the Chairs report/conclusions from the meeting were presented at the September meeting of the EMEP Steering Body.  Details can be found here.


Please also find links below to a number of important documents tht were discussed at the meeting:

1.  The current version of selected Guidebook chapters

a.   Guidebook chapters requiring endorsement (zip)

b.   First set of already endorsed chapters, which have had minor amendments (zip)

c.   Second set of already endorsed chapters (available shortly).

2.  Reporting Templates

a.   Annex IV, Reporting Template (xls)

b.   Annex VI, IIR Template (doc)

3.  State 3 Review Papers

a.   Explanatory Note on Changes (pdf)

b.   New Review Report on Template (pdf)

c.    New Transcript Report Template (xls)


a.   Technical Note on Potential Gap Filling (pdf)

Other Documents


Presentations & Reports

Welcome and Introduction

1.  Welcome and Introduction (ppt)

Session 1: Information Update

1. Feedback from the UNECE Executive Body meeting (Dec 2008) and status of review of the LRTAP Convention protocols - Tea Aulavuo, UNECE Secretariat (ppt)

2.  An Overview of EECCA Country Emission Inventories and Feedback from the TFHTAP St Petersburg Workshop  - Valentina Idrissova (ppt)

Session 2: 2009 Emissions Reporting and Review

1.  Review Process 2009 - Katarina Mareckova, CEIP (ppt)
2.  Summary of Stage 1 and 2 review results, Stage 3 review plans  - Sabine Goetlicher, ETC/ACC (ppt)
3.  2008 Stage 3 centralised review - lead reviewer perspective - Justin Goodwin, S-ESC (ppt)
4.  2008 Stage 3 centralised review - country feedback, Sweden (ppt)
5.  2008 Stage 3 centralised review - country feedback, France (ppt)
6.  UNECE Reporting Guidelines approval - impacts on future reporting  - Katarina Mareckova, CEIP (ppt).   Revised IIR Template - Draft (doc)
7.  Draft Maintenance Plan - Discussion Points (ppt)

Session 3: Recent Research Projects & Emission Inventory Developments

1.  Update of Austrian PM emission inventory - Wilfried Winiwarter (ppt)
2.  Streamlining Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Reporting - project findings  - Justin Goodwin (ppt)
3.  Improvements to metal emission estimates  - Jeroen Kuenen (ppt)
4.  Proposed Additions to the Nickel Production Chapter  - Sergey Kakareka (ppt)
5.  TFEIP Guidebook and Maintenance Plan Progress  - Chris Dore (ppt)

Session 4: EEA EIONET

1.  Update on EEA and EIONET activities  - Martin Adams (pdf)
2.  Gap-filling process for the European Community's CLRTAP inventory - discussion paper circulated - Bernd Gugele/Katarina Mareckova (ppt)
3.  Comparison between European modelled and reported national transport emission inventory estimates   - Leon Ntziachristos, ETC/ACC - AUTh (ppt)   Centralised vs National emissions data (xls)
4.  Impacts of selected EU emission policies on European emissions and air quality levels - Tinus Pulles, ETC/ACC - TNO (pdf)

Session 5: The Guidebook

1.  Guidebook and Maintenance Plan update (ppt)

Session 6: Meeting of TFEIP Expert Panels

1.  Agriculture and Nature expert panel (ppt)
2.  Transport expert panel (ppt)
3.  Combustion and Industry expert panel (ppt)
4.  Projections expert panel (ppt)

Session 7: Plenary Session

1. Draft TFEIP Workplan 2010 - Chris Dore (ppt)

Session 8: Other Business

1.  Gothenburg Article 7 - Martin Adams (pdf)
2.  EEA Guidebook Publication Process - Martin Adams (pdf)