2007 October, Ireland

The eight joint meeting of EIONET/TFEIP was held in Dublin on October 23-24. The meeting was be preceded by a workshop on Uncertainties in emission inventories and atmospheric models held jointly with TFMM on Monday October 22nd. The expert panel on projections met on the 25th in parallel with a dedicated EIONET session coordinated by EEA.

Meeting Documents

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Other documents

The 2007 review report is available here. Here you can also find the country specific notes on transboundary data by main pollutants (S, N, O3) and PM.

  - Advance copy of the Report on EMEP Steering Body 31st session (Full report, Conclusions on emissions)
  - Activities of EMEP Bureau (Annex II on Reorganization - English, French, Russian)
  - Emission Reporting Guidelines (English, French, Russian)
  - Methods and procedures for stage 3 review of emission inventories (English, Russian)


Presentations and Reports

22 October 2007

23 October 2007

24 October 2007

25 October 2007

For presentations from the PEP meeting, please see the PEP web page.