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Forum » General questions and discussion » Emissions from the use of solvents

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Author Topic: Emissions from the use of solvents 3221 Views

Emissions from the use of solvents Link to this post

<p>One of the sectors with a lot of uncertainty in emission inventories is the sector product use (NFR code 3) an, more in particular, the use of solvents. A workshop was organised in Utrecht in February 2010 to discuss this topic. A couple of key problems were identified at this meeting:
<br />- The lack of methodologies, specifically for the domestic use of solvents (3.D.2) and other product use (3.D.3). These categories appear to be among the most important ones.
<br />- The lack of activity data to apply the methodologies as currently available in the Guidebook and other sources.
</p><p>Based on the outcome of the meeting, Marte Kittilsen (Statistics Norway) has made a report on the methods applied in Norway and what other countries might benefit from that. It is available on <a href="http://www.ssb.no/english/subjects/01/04/10/doc_201020_en/doc_201020_en.pdf">http://www.ssb.no/english/subjects/01/04/10/doc_201020_en/doc_201020_en.pdf</a>;, so please have a look and post here your comments and ideas.
</p><p>Main questions to be answered are:
<br />- What emission sources can you estimate based on Norwegian emission factors � or for which sources do you have the activity data available to do this?
<br />- To what extent would it be useful to generate simple �per capita� factors based on the Norwegian situation which could be applied in whole of Europe?
<br />- Do you have any other ideas on how to improve this?
</p><p>Please know that the Expert Panel is discussing with industry representatives aiming to have more data available to inventory people to allow them to make better emission inventories. However, it is difficult to get the data as we all know and it is therefore worth the effort we are currently making to try and use the Norwegian information to improve all our inventories. We will keep you updated on the progress and feel fee to ask any questions or present ideas.</p><br><br>Posted to: Emissions from the use of solvents <a href="http://www.tfeip-secretariat.org/general-discussion/show/8#post8">Show Thread</a> | <a href="http://www.tfeip-secretariat.org/general-discussion/show/8#post8">Post Reply</a>

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