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Forum » General questions and discussion » Q&A for gridding

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Author Topic: Q&A for gridding 7678 Views

Q&A for gridding Link to this post

Dear Emission Inventory Experts,

This topic is aimed at providing a place for discussions around spatial distribution of emissions, and reporting of gridded emissions to CLRTAP.

This topic is started discuss issues around gridding. If you have a more general issue for gridding or a specific question, please post it here and your colleague inventory compilers may be able to help you out. But also other representatives from the TFEIP and scientific experts are invited to contribute to this topic by raising issues and answering the questions posted here. This discussion within the TFEIP forum is launched as a follow-up of the EDGAR workshop on gridding emissions, which was held in Ispra (Italy) on 10-11 November 2014.

If you are relatively new to the topic, please start by checking the chapter on Spatial Emissions Mapping, located in the General Guidance section of the EMEP/EEA Guidebook.

We hope that the discussion on this forum helps you, as inventory compilers, to improve your gridded emission inventories.

Best regards,

Jeroen Kuenen
Co-chair Expert Panel Combustion & Industry

Re: Q&A for gridding Link to this post

Hi all!

Not a question, but rather an announcement on gridding: The German EPA currently funds an ArcGIS-based plug-in for gridding emissions. It will be general-purpose, but there will also be everything needed for UNECE gridded data reporting. I am personally involved with the actual coding. Our plan is to open-source the whole thing and to make it available publicly for free. If it fits the agenda and the tool is ready till then, I will talk about that in the upcoming TFEIP meeting.

Best, Kevin.

Re: Q&A for gridding Link to this post

Hi Kevin,

That sounds very interesting. Especially if it would be open source and easy to use for other countries, I would like to see it being presented at the next meeting!


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