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Forum » General questions and discussion » Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling

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Author Topic: Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling 8067 Views

Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling Link to this post

Anyone interested in or involved with the modeling of air pollution dispersion is invited to visit the website at:
.... www.air-dispersion.com <== click here
to learn about "Fundamentals of Stack Gas Dispersion" ... a very comprehensive reference book on dispersion modeling of continuous, buoyant pollution plumes. The website provides a brief description of the book, peer reviews published in technical journals, the book's complete table of contents, and other information.
Topics covered in the book include: classifying atmospheric stability; determining of buoyant pollution plume rise; Gaussian dispersion calculations and modeling; developing windspeed profiles; trapped pollution plumes; fumigated plumes; flare stack plumes; meteorological parameters, and much more.
The book has been purchased in 84 countries and referenced more than 880 times in the technical literature, including the regulatory publications of 34 state or national governmental agencies worldwide. It is or has been used as recommended reading or a textbook in over 60 university courses worldwide.
Click here if you would like a free copy of "Air Dispersion Modeling Terminology" emailed to you as a Microsoft Word document.
Milton Beychok
Newport Beach, California

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