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Author Topic: Software 5337 Views

Software Link to this post

Is a software that we could use?

Re: Software Link to this post

Hi Dragos,

there are a lot of software solutions "on the market". Which software you are looking for? In which field you want to use it and for what exactly you want to use it? More detailed information needed.

I'm looking forward to your input.


Re: Software Link to this post


as Thomas notes there is indeed a wide range of software available depending on your requirements. Some of these are available free to users eg two software tools supported by EEA include the COPERT model for estimating emissions from the road transport sector, and the CollectER model which provides a database system for storing, compiling and reporting emission inventory data.

Another useful link is http://www.environmenttools.co.uk/ which provides a listing of over 400 accounting tools.


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