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Forum » General questions and discussion » Emissions from diffuse PM sources

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Author Topic: Emissions from diffuse PM sources 2720 Views

Emissions from diffuse PM sources Link to this post

As reported in the last TFEIP C&I meeting (http://tfeip-secretariat.org/assets/Meetings/Documents/CI-May-2010-Meeting-Documents/CIEPDiffusePM.pdf), models of transport of pollutants do not explain the measured concentrations of PM in Europe.
A possible cause of error is the existence of ghost emissions not evaluated in the inventories A source of PM rarely assessed, and difficult to assess, is the storage and transportation of solid fuels, raw materials and waste.

As discussed in the meeting, it's very difficult to assess these activities with sufficient reliability for Tier 1 and Tier 2 and, also if specific activities can be developed to assess and define Tier 3 methodologies, it is very difficult to apply Tier 3 methodologies on national scale.

In conclusion some methods or models must be defined at Tier 3 level and procedure to derive EFs at Tier 1 and 2 must be introduced, while information from national inventories, if any, must be used.

The following questions are relevant in this area:
o   Are diffuse emissions evaluated in national inventories?
o   Are diffuse emissions taken into account in local inventory or local air quality studies?
o   How the emissions are estimated (Tier 1 emission factors, Tier 2 emission factors, Tier 3)?

This forum is intended to represent an instrument for share opinions, experience, documents and other information on this topic. Please post comments and links.

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