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EMEP-EEA Guidebook discussions

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Forum » EMEP-EEA Guidebook discussions » Guidebook chapter 2.A.1 Cement production

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Author Topic: Guidebook chapter 2.A.1 Cement production 3032 Views

Guidebook chapter 2.A.1 Cement production Link to this post

There are a few problems with the cement production chapter (2.A.1) as it is currently online on EEA's website. The Expert Panel has received some clarification questions, therefore I post here a short further explanation to this chapter.

The Tier 1 factors are derived from the BREF document which was then a draft version. In the meantime, the BREF was finalised and the values have been changed. In the next Guidebook update, we will update the emission factors to the values as now in the BREF. Furthermore, the PM emission factors include both the combustion & process emissions of PM from cement plants and not just the non-combustion. The other emissions (non-PM) may be found in the combustion chapter relating to cement production (industrial combustion chapter NFR code 1.A.2.f.i).

Please note also that the BREF values are derived for the EU, outside the EU these may not be applicable. Therefore, some information from EECCA countries was added to the Tier 2 section. These are much higher than the Tier 1 because of the older technologies and abatement equipment which is in use in these countries.

Therefore, the user of the Guidebook should be aware that the values used are not always applicable to all countries and should handle the values with care. At the moment, Tier 1 is for EU countries and Tier 2 for EECCA countries. We wish to expand this in the near future to have all necessary information on emission factors applicable to all relevant countries, however we depend on available data to do so.

If you have any information (emission factors?) to expand this chapter, please make this known to the Expert Panel leaders!

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