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EMEP-EEA Guidebook discussions

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Forum » EMEP-EEA Guidebook discussions » Updated 2013 Guidebook published

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Author Topic: Updated 2013 Guidebook published 2554 Views

Updated 2013 Guidebook published Link to this post

The EEA has recently published the new 2013 version of the EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook (the ‘Guidebook’). The Guidebook provides the general reference source for countries reporting air emissions inventory data to the UNECE LRTAP Convention and for EU Member States under the National Emission Ceilings Directive. Later this year, the Guidebook will be formally endorsed by the LRTAP Convention, but it is published now with the agreement of EMEP to ensure its early availability to experts.

New elements in the 2013 Guidebook include:

•   emission factors to allow estimation of black carbon emissions;

•   improved consistency of information for particulate matter, heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants and black carbon;
•   new information on solvent use and on small combustion sources e.g. domestic stoves;

•   new information on emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) from manure management systems and ammonia (NH3) from fertilisers;

•   new information on gasoline evaporation from road transport;

•   new data for estimating emissions of fugitive emissions of particulate matter;

•   updated guidance on mapping of emissions;

•   an updated chapter structure following the proposed changes to the Nomenclature for Reporting (NFR) which will be discussed at next month’s meeting of the EMEP Steering Body.

The updated Guidebook can be found here: http://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/emep-eea-guidebook-2013

We would particularly like to thank experts at the University of Aarhus, Denmark who performed the majority of the 2013 update supported by DG Environment of the European Commission. The European Topic Centre on Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation (ETC/ACM) also contributed to the update of certain chapters as part of its 2011 and 2012 ETC work programmes supported by EEA.

Please feel free to contact the TFEIP co-chairs if you have any queries concerning the new Guidebook.

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