Expert Panel on Transport: Activities


The activities of the Transport Panel are discussed and decided yearly during the winter Meeting of the TFEIP. Following the meeting a new work programme is put together for the following year. This work programme has to take into account the relevant activities which go on funded by the EEA, the JRC and other national bodies or research organizations, since no special funding is available within the panel. 


For more info, see the following work programmes:

Work Programme 2016-2017
Work Programme 2015-2016
Work Programme 2014-2015
Work Programme 2013-2014
Work Programme 2012-2013
Work Programme 2009-2012
Work Programme 2007-2008 pdf
Work Programme 2006-2007
Work Programme 2005-2006 pdf



Data on emission inventory projections, including activity are available from the LIFE+ project EC4MACS. Click in "key data" on the left column menu.



  • Updated information on NRMM compiled by the Danish Inventory team (Morten Winther). The information contains updated Tier 1 and 2 emission factors and detailed Tier 3 emission factors originating from the German Tremod model. This information is provided for consideration and review by the national experts.

Note on updated method Word Document
Spreadsheet with Tier 3 emission factors    Excel File
  • Updates to the COPERT model and methodology can be found at the Emisia website, clicking on Copert, under the section "Versions".

  • Updates to the HBEFA model and methodology can be found at the HBEFA website.

  • Updates on emission factors and other ERMES activities are available at the ERMES website. Please see the work-programme for the list of activities and the progress reports of new updates.