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Guidebook improvement list

This site presents the current list of concrete issues that have been identified where the Guidebook needs improvement. Some of these are relatively easy to resolve, while others will be more difficult and requiring additional funding.

If you come across issues that you have found in the Guidebook which are not included in this list, please contact the co-chairs and it will be added. Moreover, we ask you to contribute to shorten this list by picking out some of the issues and improve the Guidebook in these aspects. If you are able to help us with this, please let us know. As said, we very much welcome your contribution!

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Guidebook background studies

Please find here some documentation relevant for the Guidebook:


Information from ESIG solvent emission inventories (2019)

For the estimation of NMVOC emissions from solvent use, activity data have been made available by the European Solvents Industry Group for the EU-27 Member States and for specific years. For guidance on the use of these data, please see the Tier 2a method included in the EMEP EEA Guidebook chapter 2.D.3.a on Domestic Solvent Use. For access to the data, please contact the co-chairs.

During the course of 2019, all data including most recent years will be made available.


Solvent emission inventories (2013)

During the 2013 TFEIP meeting, the solvent industry (ESIG) announced the availability of VOC solvent emission inventories for EU27 Member States. The position paper in which these are described can be downloaded here. The data for individual Member States can be obtained, for instance for clarification and/or comparison to national data, by contacting Jeroen Kuenen, co-chair of the Expert Panel.


Newsletter (December 2010)

As for the TFEIP as a whole, the Combustion & Industry Expert Panel has made its own newsletter to inform the Expert Panel Members about what is going on in the Expert Panel. Along with the distribution of our newsletter, we have started some discussion topics in the forum on this website, aiming to start discussions on improvements we are currently trying to make to the Guidebook. This forum is also an excellent way for all of you to share your thoughts, ideas, issues or problems with the whole TFEIP community. You may for instance post references to methodologies you would like the Expert Panels to review, errors or problems in the Guidebook you came across, or any other topic you think is relevant for us.

Please use this opportunity to get in touch with all your inventory expert colleagues all over Europe!

You can download the newsletter here.


Expert Panel Members List

The existing list of Expert Panel members is used to communicate to the Expert Panels on a regular basis, for news items but also preparing and reporting from meetings as well as the presentation of updated Guidebook chapters. If you are not yet in the mailing list, but would like to have your name added to the list, please send an email to Jeroen Kuenen with your details.