Expert Panel on Agriculture and Nature Meetings

2020 Webinar May 12 at 14.00

Agriculture and Nature; progress and plans. Presentation by Nick Hutchings and Barbara Amon

Improving national emission inventories for the agricultural sector in Europe. Presentation by Monica Crippa


2019 Meeting held in Thessaloniki, Greece 13-14 May 2019

 Agenda with presentations



Part 1 Guidebook update

  • Emission factors for manure management (3B & 3D)
  • Linking manure management (3B), soil emissions (3D) and anaerobic digestion (5B2)
  • Excel spreadsheet to support manure management


Part 2- Guidebook and other matters

Ammonia emission factors for mineral fertilisers (3D)

-          including presentation by H Döhler

Other emissions

-          Contaminants in pesticides

-          Crop ammonia emissions

-          Direct and indirect nitric oxide emissions

News of other activities

  • Report from TFRN
  • INMS project
  • INI 2020
  • IPCC refinement

Report to plenum

Workplan for 2019/2020

2018 meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria 25-27 April 2018

 Agenda with presentations (not all items included a presentation)





Revision of 3.D.f for impurities in pesticides and biproducts


Chapter 5.B.2  (anaerobic digestion for biogas production)


Linking N flows in 3B, 5.B.2 and 3D, including Excel spreadsheet


Collaboration with TFRN, UNEP initiative on integrated N management and coordination with IPCC guideline revision




NIFLUM NH3 workshop report


Updating 3B, 3D and 5B2 (incl. minor revisions to the Guidebook, following the NECD review)


Crop NH3 emissions, NMVOC emissions, soil NOx emissions (see report to plenum)


Workplan for 2019


Report to plenum (Nick)

Expert Panel Meeting May 2017

The meeting of the Expert Panel on Agriculture and Nature took place on 11 May 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

Note: some presentations have been modified (images resized or removed), due to file size restrictions


Short update on IPCC Guidelines revision

-          Barbara Amon will be part of the team revising the agricultural chapters of the IPCC Guidelines


1. Ammonia emission from mineral fertilisers

2. Ammonia emissions from growing crops & crop residues – status/how to proceed

3. Indirect emissions - status/how to proceed

4. Ammonia emissions from anaerobic digestion

- Activity data and methods for German Biogas reporting

- Revision of chapter 5.B (anaerobic digestion at biogas facilities)

5. Ammonia emissions from manure management

6. POP emissions from impurities in pesticides and biproducts

Ammonia emissions from anaerobic digestion

Short announcements

-         Workshop on nitrogen losses

-          Symposium on Emissions of Gas and Dust from Livestock (

-          Innovative solutions for sustainable management of Nitrogen conference, 26-28 June 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark (

-          Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen meeting 29-30 June 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark (


Workplan 2017-18





Expert Panel Meeting May 2016

The meeting of the Expert Panel on Agriculture and Nature took place on 17 May 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia.


Some presentations from 2015 were shown again at this meeting. The new presentations are:

NH3 from fertiliser metaanalysis - revised  N Hutchings and J Webb

Proposal for new experiments to measure ammonia emission from fertilisers (H. Döhler)

Workplan 2016-17


Report from Agriculture and Nature Panel to plenary session


Expert Panel Meeting May 2015

The meeting of the Expert Panel on Agriculture and Nature took place on 11 May 2015 in Milan, Italy, as part of the TFEIP/EIONET meeting.





Introduction to Guidebook update project, including restructuring. J Webb

Ammonia emissions from fertilisers in Germany. Helmut Döhler

New Tier 2 and 3 ammonia emissions methodologies for fertilisers - REVISED*. Nick Hutchings + J Webb

Guidebook update - ammonia emission from fertilisers. J Webb

Indirect NO and N2O emissions from semi-natural areas. Tobias Bühlmann

Anthropogenic NO and the Guidebook update. J Web

Emissions associated with biogas production. J Webb

Ammonia emission from standing crops. J Webb

Update on TFRN, EPMAN and EPNB. Nick Hutchings

Workplan 2015-2016

* The response of ammonia emission to soil CEC was incorrectly calculated

Expert Panel Meeting May 2014

The meeting of the Expert Panel on Agriculture and Nature took place on 13 May 2014 in Ghent, Belgium, with the TFEIP/EIONET meeting. The agenda and presentations can be found using the links below.


1.NH3 emission from fertilizer
2.NH3 emissions from crops
3.Meeting of the TF on Reactive Nitrogen
4.An online tool for estimating NH3 & BC emissions
5.Emissions associated with Biogas production
6.The EP Workplan