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EMEP-EEA Guidebook discussions

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Forum » EMEP-EEA Guidebook discussions » Mistakes in EFs for 1.A.1.c (Chapter 1A)

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Author Topic: Mistakes in EFs for 1.A.1.c (Chapter 1A) 2552 Views
  • Carlo
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    Mistakes in EFs for 1.A.1.c (Chapter 1A) Link to this post

    I think the 1.A.1.c Manufacture of solid fuels and other energy industries section of chapter 1A contain a mistake. In general (as I already noted when the chapter was updated) there is no direct equivalence between EFs in the GB and EFs in the quoted reference (US EPA AP42). But in the cases I analyzed (mainly NOx) the differences was small. Now for a local emission inventory in Italy we analyze in detail the EFs and evaluated that the CO EFs in "Table 5-3 Tier 2 default emission factors for source category 1.A.1.c, coke manufacture with by-product recovery" and in "Table 5-4 Tier 2 default emission factors for source category 1.A.1.c, coke manufacture without by-product recovery" were wrong.
    The value proposed in the two tables 15000 is really to high!
    From original source the values 340 g/Mg coal (with by product recovery in Table 5-3) and 35 g/Mg coal (without by-product recovery in Table 5-4) can be derived.

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